If you’re a retailer and would like to include your offer on the RewardBuy platform, we’d love to hear from you. Here are six great reasons to get involved.

1) It's Free

Retailers don’t have to pay anything to be listed on RewardBuy. This ensures we maintain our supplier-independence and pass on the full value of the offer or discount to the end-user. We don’t take any commission at all so the offer you make is what the end-user receives.

2) It's Easy

To add your offer to the site, all we need is some information from you to be help us promote your offer, a couple of images like your logo and then details on how to redeem the offer. We can then prepare a display page for your approval.

3) It's low risk

You can change or withdraw the offer at any time, and you don't pay any fees or commissions so there's nothing to lose. Our preference is for ongoing, consistent offers but if you find the site is not for you or if you want to put a time limit on redemption of an offer, that’s no problem at all.

4) It's like free advertising

RewardBuy lets you market directly to thousands of shoppers. No transactions are processed on the RewardBuy site so we send the traffic straight to your shop or website. The only cost to you is in the discount you extend – so it’s like having a sale but without having to pay for advertising.

5) Our users are shoppers

Free advertising is not worth anything if it doesn't reach people who are going to buy. Conversion rates are actually much higher on RewardBuy than other forms of online advertising because users are primarily on the site to shop - and they’re looking for a bargain!

6) Measurable results

All of the redemption methods we offer are easy to track, so you can properly evaluate if your RewardBuy offer is working or not. You'll be able to see how many of your customers have come via RewardBuy and tweak your offer as needed.

Types of Offers

At RewardBuy, we like to keep things simple so when it comes to methods of redeeming an offer, we prefer one of the following:

– dedicated landing page
– dedicated coupon code (for use online or instore)
– downloadable or printable voucher, coupon or barcode (for use instore).

Please don’t hesitate to give us a call if you have another idea.

What makes a good offer?

For the opportunity to promote your company to thousands of motivated online shoppers, we really only ask for only one thing in return: a genuine, worthwhile offer. If the offer is no good, no-one will take it up and listing your offer will be a bit of a waste of everyone’s time. If it’s a great offer, you’ll see the effect on your bottom line with increased traffic and sales. As a retailer, one of the great things about RewardBuy is that you’re not locked in, so you can tweak the offer depending on your retail strategy.

A RewardBuy deal should also be better than what the consumer can get elsewhere, plus should be simple to explain and redeem.

Please give us a call if you want to discuss how to make the most of your offer and maximise your company’s exposure on RewardBuy.

What we need to proceed

There are some things we need to be able to list your offer on RewardBuy such as details about your company, the products you sell, what the offer is and how to take advantage of it. To simplify the process, please fill in the attached pdf and return that to us by email. Of course, please feel free to call or email us if you have any queries at all. Once we receive your form, we’ll be in touch to confirm if the listing has been approved, or if we need any further information. We’ll then send you a screenshot of your listing before it goes live.

Download Rego Form as pdf