The RewardBuy customer engagement platform gives customers of your company access to a wide range of shopping offers and discounts. With retail discounts in categories such as travel, electronics, groceries and fashion, your customers could save hundreds of dollars on shopping bills each year.

With a benefit like that, why wouldn’t they choose to do business with your company?

How it works

RewardBuy provides your company with the opportunity to give eligible customers access to a password-protected website offering discounts for online and in store shopping. The site is branded to meet your requirements so all value derived from using the program is attributed to your company.

Our easy set-up process lets you choose the look of your site, manage your own content, control the offers that your customers see and run reports to measure the performance of the program.

You’re in control, but you’re not alone. We offer full support for the program by sourcing and managing the offers; ensuring the security of your customer data; and providing telephone and email support for your customers. We also provide the resources to promote the program and assign you an account manager to assist with communicating the benefits of the program.

Communication and Engagement

RewardBuy is a cost-effective solution offering many great benefits for your company. However one of the most important of these is the opportunity to communicate with and engage your customers.  In a crowded marketplace, a program like this can set your company apart. With your customers regularly logging on to use the program, you have the chance to promote all your products and services, including those they might not be aware of. In other words, RewardBuy can play a key role in your marketing  and communications strategy, giving your customers added value in return for their support.

Here are some great reasons to sign up with RewardBuy

  • RewardBuy is easy to implement with little ongoing maintenance for you. Plus we provide all the resources you’ll need to promote the program.
  • RewardBuy is flexible, fully-branded and customisable for your business. All benefits the customer derives are attributed to you as the program provider.
  • RewardBuy lets you communicate with your customers; promote your other products and services; make announcements and so much more.
  • RewardBuy is low cost to you with high perceived value for your customers. The more they use RewardBuy, the more they save.
  • RewardBuy provides your customers with something they can’t get elsewhere, making your business more attractive than that of competitors.
  • RewardBuy ensures that your customer data is handled securely and privately. We don’t give or sell your data to anyone and only store the minimum information required to ensure the integrity of the program.


Call us today on 1300 939 193 if you have any queries or would like to arrange a meeting to discuss how RewardBuy could work for your business.